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The following information will help you get the most out of If you haven’t done so already, please read through our FAQ as you will find answers to many of your questions there. We've also included extensive help links throughout the site to help you along your way, just look for the     icons. If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can always search our Knowledge Base, or submit a request for support above.


6 simple steps to get you up and running:

  1. Log into your new RepriceIt account and set up your Seller Account Settings by navigating to -> 'Account' -> 'View/Change Amazon Seller Account Settings'.
  2. Review your default 'Global' repricing settings, and change them to suit your needs by clicking the 'Repricing Settings' link on the left from your main 'Dashboard' page.
  3. Experiment with different repricing settings on the 'Repricing Settings' page with the 'Upload to Amazon' option left unchecked, and repricing reports will be created without updating your actual inventory.  You can start up a repricing event by clicking the 'RepriceIT Now!' link on the left from your main 'Dashboard' page.
  4. Review your repricing results online by clicking the 'Repricing Reports' link on the left from your main 'Dashboard' page.
  5. Create your own automated Repricing Schedules (see 'Repricing Schedules' link), or reprice your inventory on the fly using the 'RepriceIT Now!' feature.
  6. Feeling good so far? Read about Repricing Templates and learn how you can apply different sets of repricing rules to different segments of your inventory.


In addition, you can exclude specific items from being repriced on the 'Exclude Items' page.

If you would like to set minimum and maximum prices on an item-by-item basis (including profit and loss margins), then be sure to click the 'Item Settings' link, and never again sell an item for less than your cost.

Are you an AOB or FillZ user? Then be sure to check out our FTP Set-up Guide, and have your pricing updates flow directly to your inventory management provider of choice.


Some tips:

Be aware, the first time you reprice your inventory you will see a lot of activity due to the fact that our repricing algorithm will undoubtedly calculate differing prices (some by a lot, some by a little) for the majority of your inventory. Subsequent repricing events will feature far fewer changes after the initial upload.

When setting up automated schedules, we recommend that you reprice at slightly off times (e.g. reprice at 11:41am instead of 11:30am).

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment – there are lots of options to play with on the Repricing Dashboard, try different settings, and review the results in the Repricing Reports that are emailed to you after each repricing event. If you leave the 'Upload to Amazon' option unchecked you can be assured that your 'live' inventory will not be affected.

Once you feel comfortable with your default 'Global' repricing settings, and you have repriced your inventory a few times, then take a look at Repricing Templates on your Home page, and segment your inventory to best suit your business needs. If you want to keep it simple and just have one set of repricing rules for all your inventory, then just use your 'Global' repricing template.

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