How to Use Repricing Templates

Repricing Templates are a powerful feature that allow you to apply different sets of repricing rules to different segments of your inventory. With Repricing Templates you can segment your inventory by Listing Date, Price, Sales Rank, Condition, or your own custom list of SKUs, and each Repricing Template has its own configurable set of repricing rules. Here are some examples of how Repricing Templates can benefit you:

  • "I don't want to reprice items I've just added to my inventory" - if you want to set your own prices for newly added inventory, and you don't want those items to be repriced for the first 30-days (for example), then you can create a Template by Listing Date, and *only* reprice items that are over 30-days old.
  • "I want to reprice items below $1 very aggressively" - You can create a Repricing Template by Price for all items that fall below $1. In the Repricing Settings for this template you can set up the repricing rules to be very aggressive, e.g. Match lowest price, etc...
  • "I want to reprice my 'New' and 'Like New' items differently than the rest of my inventory" If you want to price your 'New' and 'Like New' inventory perhaps more conservatively then the rest of your inventory, you can set up a Repricing Template by Condition for 'New' and 'Like New' items. In the repricing settings for this template you can set up the rules to help protect your prices for these items - high minimum price, a low Max % Drop, etc...

On your 'Dashboard' page in your Repricing Templates table you will see a column labeled 'Order Applied'. This is important because it tells the repricing engine what order to apply each Template when repricing a given item. For instance, if you have a 'Global' Template (applies to all inventory) ahead of a Template for 'New' items only, then the 'Global' Template will always be used even for your 'New' items. In this case, you'd want to make sure your Template for 'New' items is ahead of your 'Global' template. You can change the Template Order by selecting the 'View/Edit Template' link next to the Template you want to modify.

In addition, under the 'Repricing Schedules' link you can also set up automated schedules for specific Templates. For instance, if you created a Template for 'New' items only, and you wanted to reprice your 'New' inventory only once a week, you can create a weekly schedule to reprice your 'New' items Template on the Repricing Schedules page.

Of course, if you want just want to have one set of repricing rules for all your inventory, you can simply use the default 'Global' Template as your only Repricing Template.

Use your imagination, Repricing Templates allow you to reprice your inventory the way you want it, and remember, repricing templates can also be used to exclude segments of your inventory from repricing by defining only the inventory attributes that you want to include.

You can create a Repricing Template by clicking the 'Create New Template' button at the bottom of your 'Dashboard' page after logging into your account.

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