FAQ - All of my inventory is not getting repriced

Items where the repricer determines that a price change is not needed will not show up on the repricing reports.  

All of your inventory is processed for each repricing event, but depending on how frequently you reprice, the prices of many of your items will not need to change.  As an example, if you were to reprice say every 5 minutes, then only a small portion of your inventory would need to be adjusted in that brief timeframe.  On the other hand, if you repriced only once a month, then you would see a much larger portion of your inventory adjusted as there would have been many fluctuations in the marketplace during that timeframe.

In addition to the above, be sure to check your current subscription level to ensure that it is sufficient to cover your full inventory.  You can view/change your current subscription level by logging into your RepriceIT.com account and navigating to -> 'Account' -> 'View/Change Subscription Level'.

Also, we strongly recommend that you review your latest 'itemsNotProcessed' report periodically to see which items in your inventory are not getting repriced and why.

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