FAQ - How do I sign up for MWS and get my Seller Account ID's

The Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) allows our service to communicate with your Amazon Seller Account.  Before you can start repricing, you will need to sign up for MWS, and then grant our service access to your account.  In addition, once you sign up for MWS, you will be given your Merchant ID, Marketplace ID, and Authorization Token.  Signing up for MWS will only take a moment and it's free!


Here are the steps to sign up for MWS:

- Step 1:  Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account, and click the 'Manage Your Apps' link at the bottom of the page (under 'Apps & Services').

- Step 2:  Click the 'Authorize new developer' button.  In the 'Developer's Name' box, enter     Repriceit     In the 'Developer ID' box, enter     209165848624

- Step 3:  Accept the license, and then cut and paste the "Seller ID", "Marketplace ID", and "Authorization Token" values provided into the corresponding fields within your RepriceIT account on your 'Amazon Seller Account Settings' page ('Account' -> 'View/Change Amazon Seller Account Settings').  Then click the 'Update' button.


That's it!  You have completed the MWS sign-up, and our service can now access your Amazon Seller Account.

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