How to Utilize Your 'Items Repriced' Report

On the 'Items Repriced Report' page you can view and/or change the items in your inventory that were repriced for a given repricing event. You can use this page to simply view the repricing results, or you can edit the report by selecting an underlined price and changing it to the price you want. When you select a price you will be brought to a product detail page where you can view all the pertinent details for that item to help you make an informed pricing decision.

After you complete your changes, you have the option of either uploading the entire repricing report to Amazon, or uploading only the changes you made.   If you use an inventory management service such as AOB or FillZ, then you can also select the appropriate button to have your price changes uploaded directly to your AOB or FillZ account.

Ways to use this report:

  • As mentioned, you can use this page to simply view the repricing results.
  • Or you can opt to intercept and review all pricing changes *before* they are uploaded to Amazon. To do this you would need to uncheck option, 'Upload my price changes to after repricing' on your 'Repricing Settings' page so your price changes will not be automatically uploaded to Amazon after repricing. Then after a repricing event, you can review the results here, make any changes, and then upload the entire report to Amazon.
  • Another option is to allow your price changes to be uploaded to Amazon automatically following a repricing event, then you can use this page to review the results and make pricing changes if needed. You can then upload only your changes to Amazon by clicking the 'Upload Only Changes to Amazon' button.
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